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The swapcard community [20 Jun 2006|06:57pm]


The swapcard community is for generous, creative people who enjoy making art (serious or for fun!) and would like to share their creations with others. A swapcard is a 10 X 15 cm (or 4x6 inch) completely handmade card with one side decorated on by any medium of the maker's choice.

Pen, pencil, ink, paint, collage, cutouts, prints, beads, string, photos, any medium within the card space is allowed. The subject matter is also up to the creator, poetry/prose is allowed.

Once these lovely handmade creations are made they are posted in the community for trade. Trade with someone else's card - Swapcard.

This is a very new community, so everyone is welcome to join. :) Join here.
If you would like to participate in trading, please comment here with your email for posting priviledges.

Feel free to delete if inappropriate
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Camera exchange? [08 Aug 2003|08:26am]

[ mood | creative ]

Is anyone interested in doing a camera exchange? We each purchase an instant camera and send it to someone else, or whoever is next in line if we can get a few people involved. Each person takes some pictures, in a specific theme or randomly, and then mails it on. when the camera is full it gets mailed back to it's owner for developing.

Even if just one person is interested it's cool, i'm not picky about who i'll trade with.

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[02 Jun 2003|10:15am]

ok so today im going down to the local skate shop..

they are taking my designs and putting them on the board. and he is going to give me some boards.

if anyone wants to buy them let me know.

ill take pics..

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[04 May 2003|12:36pm]

anyone interested in trading for photography... here are a very few examples of my work... talk to me

b+w were developed by me.
shameless self promotion:
go to my site: angelfire.com/stars4/chelsey1
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FOR SALE.....NOT TRADE [02 May 2003|02:27am]


click that ugly pink picture to see the new t-shirts.
or click this
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[28 Apr 2003|08:41pm]

okay if the name isn't self explanatory enough.. this is where you can post art and see who wants to trade and you can find other shit to trade for it. anything you consider art can be traded as long as whoever is is willing to pay the shipping. no shady fucks allowed! to start of here is one drawing/painting i will trade.. it's on watercolor paper with sharpie watercolor and acrylic. there are 5 more in the series if you want the whole book lets see what we can do too...
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